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Cal-Wire stranding Company has been in business since 1972 and is located in an industrial suburb of Los Angeles. We are a certified woman minority owned and operated small business with more than 75% of our work force being minority members. We are one of the most highly respected suppliers of galvanized steel wire strand in the United States, a specialist in the manufacturing of steel wire strand. In spite of all that has just been stated, Cal-Wire likes to do business not for what we are, but for what we can do, and that is reliably and competitively supply you with a high quality strand, where and when you desire. We now supply a long list of Telephone, Electric Utility, Tower Structure and Cable Television Companies.


We supply messenger cable, static wire, guy strand, overhead ground wire, structural strand, wire rope and highway guard cable, on both reels and coils. Our high quality, heavily zinc-coated stranded wires are available in A, B and C classes or stainless steel to satisfy your most severe applications. All of our strand is manufactured to meet or exceed, the ASTM and REA specifications. All configurations and sizes are available from 1/16" to 1-1/2".


Our highly respected quality has given us a reputation for superior strand world-wide. The ASTM standards are our minimum guidelines for the manufacturing of "Cal-Strand", and we fully comply with all the requirements of international and REA specifications. Our quality control system is rigorously followed and strictly enforced, to assure you delivery of a quality product.


We pride ourselves on our service. Service always and our people are trained to work with you on all your specific needs. We will see that delivery is expedited to meet your requirements. All orders large or small, are given the same courteous, careful and prompt attention.


Cal-Wire fully assures you, without any reservations, that the strand you purchase will meet your complete product and delivery requirements as stipulated on the purchase order. This WebSite has been compiled to briefly describe the products supplied by Cal-Wire Stranding Company. It is our sincere hope that this information will be of service to you in your decision on steel wire strand. More complete specific product information will be furnished upon request.

CHARACTERISTICS: CALSTRAND is a non-moving, flexible structural supportmember that is also capable of providing a high degree of static protection. It's uses are many and varied. This product is an American made product and meets all federal and industrial standards.

In addition "CAL-WIRE" welcomes customer inquiries for special applications and standards.



Cal-Wire Stranding Company is a manufacturer of Galvanized steel guy strand, overhead static ground wire, bridge strand (structural strand), bridge rope (structural rope), wire rope and highway guard cable. All grades (tensile strength) and constructions are available in class "A", "B" and "C" coating weights. Also avialable in stainless steel type 302, 304 and 316.

Our strand is manufacture to ASTM specifications, A475, A363, A586 or A603, federal (RR-W-410D) and REA specifications. "American Made" compliance and strand Report and Certification can be furnished upon request.



The following information is required when placing an order for strand or wire rope:

  1. Dimensions
    (A) Length
    (B) Diameter
  2. Construction
    Number of wires per strand; ie... 3,7,19,37,... 59 wires
    Wire rope constructions; ie... 6X6, 6X7, 6X19, 6X37, 7X7, 7X19, 8X19, 8X25, ETC
  3. Grade
    Strand, breaking strength of strand required, Example: Common, Siemens - Martin, High Strength, Utility, & Extra High Strength, & Bridge Strand.
    Wire rope, Plow, Improved Plow, Extra Improved Plow, Extra Extra Improved Plow, & Bridge Rope
  4. Finish
    Strand: Coating Weight Class "A", Class "B", or class "C" Stainless Steel Type
    Wire rope: Bright (uncoated), Galvanized, & Stainless Steel Type
  5. Packaging
    Strand and wire rope will be furnished on a non-returnable wooden reel, a steel reel, or in a coil, depending on the length, diameter, construction and customer unnique requirements.
  6. Specifications
    ASTM, Federal (RR-W-410 D), MIL-SPECS, Customer Specification or REA Specification as required by customer needs.